Refund and Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation of the order you place must be made within 48 hours of the delivery time. You can get refund of the amount paid only if the order is canceled within 48 hours. After expiry of 48 hour delivery time, no refund will be entertained.

In order to cancel the order you need to mail us at with the subject head “cancellation request”.

Mail must comprise of the following details:

    Only after we receive formal order, we shall initiate the cancellation process. Request will be received at

    The following conditions must be satisfied to claim refund:

    • Cancellation reason
    • Details of refund account
    • Order ID

      When you apply for cancellation, 5% will be charged by us for the cancellation process.

      1. Order must not be delivered to the party ( this is not inclusive of cases where there is unfounded recipient)
      2. Order must be cancelled.
      3. If we receive any complaint pertaining to the quality of the product delivered, we will conduct inquiry about the product and if the complaint is found to be true, our customer would get full refund of amount paid to the product or the entire product will be replaced.
      4. You can request for refund only in case of service failure, we have a team who would evaluate if the order given by you qualifies for a refund. The decision of the management will be made final. In no circumstances will the amount claimed for refund shall exceed the actual amount which is paid by the customer. We are not responsible for any claim or loss that is beyond the amount which is actually paid to us.
      5. Any exempted amount or discounts cannot be claimed by customers for refund.

      If there is any extra amount that is credited to Mahajan Decorators, it shall be considered for charges on order enhancement and shall not be refunded.

      Mahajan Decorators will have the deciding hand in all matters that concern Cancellation and Refund.

      Mahajan Decorators shall have all rights to amend the Cancellation and Refund policy. If there are any substantial changes in the manner we use the personal details provided by you, we shall notify you via email or an official announcement on the website.

      If you have any further queries or comments pertaining to our Cancellation and Refund policy, you can drop a mail at